Irene Adler

Some may Argue with my decision to put Irene Adler in the Villian Section of my wiki navigation Bar but that may be because they are fans of the television series Sherlock or Elementary where Irene Adler is more of a girl friend for Sherlock then a villian, but i have read the books and watched the television series and for this character discription i am refering to the original Irene Adler (although the picture is of Irene from Sherlock) that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle intended to be a villian. In the original story "A Scandal In Bohemia" (sir arthur conan doyle) Irene Adler is Blackmailing a Bohemian royal with a picture of the two of them together. She intends to mail the picture to the royals fiance' inorder to put an end to there soon to be marriage. After Sherlock attempts to locate and destroy the photo she disposes of it because of her love and marriage to another man. She is later refered to as The Woman, by Sherlock Holmes who was "out smarted" by the lady.

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